The testing software for all occasions, from production to research testXpert® III represents the new generation of materials testing software, developed on the latest Microsoft Windows platform and using state of the art software technology. TestXpert III is simple and flexible, user-friendly and powerful, accurate and cost-effective, intelligent and reliable.

testXpert® III provides you with a standard testing platform for all applications and equipment. This uniform, integrated operating concept for testing machines and instruments reduces the training required for different testing machines to a minimum and gives you access to the entire unique testXpert® III product range for all your testing machines.


Advantages of testXpert® III

✓ Informative icons
✓ Over 20.000 installations worldwide
✓ The same interface for every application
✓ Intuitive operation with clear structuring
✓ Clear, simple setup, with many optional features
✓ More than 30 software developers working full-time on new functions
✓ Service partners catering for your on-the-spot needs in over 50 countries
✓ Rest assured: you are in expert hands!