The strength of cement is normally between 20 N/mm² and 50 N/mm² but the strength of high-performance concrete and reinforced concrete can amount 200N/mm² and more. The modulus of elasticity (Young´s modulus) of concrete is between 15,000 N/mm² and 45,000 N/mm² (depending on the hardened cement paste, the volume of the hardened cement paste, the used aggregates and the reinforcement).

Based on the brittleness of concrete the fracture strain is in a tenth percent range. These are – in relation to the specimen dimensions – deformations in a range of only a few hundredth of a millimeter; little more than a hairsbreadth. According to this Toni Technik testing systems are designed for deformation resistance and are equipped with high-sensitive and reproducible fracture detection.

For the standard quality control Toni Technik supplies single-purpose testing systems as well as customized solutions by the ToniNORM series, that is individually planned as per customer requirements.

Additionally we offer all-in-one solutions for the standard-compliant specimen preparation by the ToniSYSTEMLABORATORY, that are planned and realized according to the customer needs, also for already existing test laboratories.

You will profit from our experience of decades with highly diverse test requirements.


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