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Quality and Environment


Quality leads to sustainable solutions for tomorrow

A constantly changing environment leads to substantial change for our customers. Not only the sustainable reduction of greenhouse gases, but also new production processes and application methods are changing the demands on quality testing technology. Our claim is to be the pioneer in the development of new measurement technology and the quality supplier for our customers.


We analyse our customers’ problems and work closely with universities. The insights gained from this are decisive in defining the direction in which we continue to develop. The development process, like all other processes, is based on a proven management system with 140 years of industry experience. We try out modern methodologies, such as agile project development and lean manufacturing processes, and if they are suitable, they find their way into our management process. We regularly review the materials and components used in our products with regard to sustainability criteria.


  • Our high-precision ToniPERM allows more precise control of our customers’ energy-intensive grinding plants. This leads to permanently reduced power consumption and thus indirectly to CO2 savings.
  • The complete recording of the test data in our testXpert software enables the complete as well as tamper-free documentation of the quality requirements to be met and provides proof.
  • The introduction of standardised operating electronics leads to reduced training efforts and enables the networking of our testing equipment.
  • Our machines are characterised by a high degree of durability; the components used are long-proven and tested components from renowned manufacturers operating worldwide.
  • The automatic transfer of measurement data to the laboratory and production systems results in the continuous improvement of our customers’ processes.
  • The internet-based remote diagnosis of malfunctions combined with a worldwide close-knit service network often leads to a very quick solution of the problem.
  • The continuous reduction of the energy consumption of our products is an essential goal of our cooperation with renowned component manufacturers.
  • Our product ToniSET FORCE enables an optimised application of innovative 3D printing techniques also in the building materials sector.

We fabricate and assemble our machines and instruments ourselves in Germany based on individual customer orders and specifications. A competent and experienced team of mechanical and electronic technicians guarantees the high quality level our customers expect.

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