Testing Machines and Instruments for Pharmaceuticals


Testing Machines and Instruments for Pharmaceuticals

Advanced Quality Control in Micronization of Powders

Specific Surface Area Measurements acc. to Blaine


Blaine fineness based on air permeability measurement, provides information on the specific surface area (SSA) of a powder sample, the surface area per unit mass.
Finer particle sizes have higher specific surface area, which means more area per unit mass, so the Blaine value gives a precise indication about particle size range to decide on further micronization.


Mandatory as per Pharmacopeial requirements, SSA plays an important role in drug formulation like tableting, drug shelf-life and bioavailability. Also, the blending between APIs and Excipients is critical.
SSA also affects the solubility and dissolution pattern of the tablet drug and can influence the surface activity and adsorption volume of the powder.

Application areas

  • R&D
  • Process control for optimization
  • Quality assurance
  • Pharmaceuticals products (Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)/Excipients/Chemicals etc.)


Air permeability measurements record the time taken by a certain volume of air to pass through a compacted powder bed of defined weight and porosity.

ToniPERM Standard


Unique features

  • Fully automated device
  • Data integrity and traceability
  • Interface: ethernet, serial (RS232) and USB
  • Plug & play instrument (no PC needed)

Your benefits

  • Cost effective and quick solution for a precise indication of particle size
  • Customization possibilities

Measuring cell with volume approx. 1,9 cm3

Measuring cell with volume approx. 5 cm3

Measuring cell with volume approx. 74 cm3

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