The glass testing is usually realized as destructive flexure strength test that requires typically not very large test forces.

The advantage of hydraulic testing machines in this application field is the resistance of the load frames and of the drive units against splinters of glass. Furthermore it is possible to control multiple testing machines for different specimens or applications with only one controller of the series ToniTROL for a simultaneously testing of specimens. This will cancel set-up times and changeover costs so that the test frequency can be increased substantially.

The wood testing is usually characterized by relatively low forces, but also by long testing paths.

Especially large-sized composite lumbers are comfortable testable with low-cost hydraulic machines. Based on the individual requirements of the support distance these testing systems are mostly planned customer-specific.

Toni Technik testing systems are characterized by elaborated solutions, as for instance by an integrated waste container for the collection of splinters of glass, that can be transported easily for emptying by a pallet truck.


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