Testing Devices – Model 4030/4050

In addition to the testing machines Toni Technik offers a wide range of testing devices. This range includes among others various compression-, bending- and splitting tensile devices that will save the time-consuming retrofitting of your machine and make your machine more universally applicable.

The compression device model 4030 is designed for specimens which testing surfaces are too small to adjust the pressure plates of the testing machine in parallel to the specimen surface.




Operating Principle

The load of the testing machine is transmitted to the specimen by the plunger of the compression device.  Thereby the spherically seated upper pressure plate is getting adjusted to the surface of the specimen.


The compression device consists of a rigid frame with a fixed lower pressure plate and a spherically seated upper pressure plate. A plunger enables the load transmission from the testing machine to the compression device. Both pressure plates are made of carbide metal (tungsten carbide), are ground and are not twistable against each other.

Additional information

Maximum load capacity

300 kN

Dimensions of the compression device

Footprint = Ø 175 mm Height = 215 mm


13 kg

Required distance between the pressure plates of the testing machine

220 mm

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