Concrete Calorimeter ToniCAL – Model 7336

Computer controlled isothermal heat flow calorimeter for the continuous determination of the total evolved heat of hydration of concrete. With online computer operation the instrument allows to directly determine the heat development rate (J/g) in dependence of the elapsed time.


Key benefits for the user:

  • easy manipulation
  • meaningful test procedure with high repeatability
  • evaluation of the results via computer with numerical and/or graphical display and documentation
  • auto-calibration via electrical power measurement


Working principle

A defined quantity of fresh concrete is condensed in a two-walled specimen vessel and feeded into the measuring cylinder of the measuring cell. The starting components have been pretempered up to the required measuring temperature (suitable is a nearly same temperature between concrete specimen with specimen cylinder and calorimeter vessel).

The set free quantity of heat is detected by the measuring chains as variation of temperature and continuously registered, evaluated and stored online at the PC. After finishing of measurement, but also during the measurement procedure the measured values can be shown numerically or graphically at the monitor and simultaneously printed. Besides that the computer supported registration and evaluation of the concrete’s temperature in the center of the specimen and the measurement of the quantity of heat can be simultaneously managed.


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