Concrete is produced from a mixture of cement, water and aggregates. If necessary, additives are added to this mixture. The cement serves as a hydraulic binding agent, so that the concrete obtains its strength through the crystallization of the clinker components.

The determination of pressure and bending strength of the respective mixture is carried out on the basis of certain standards, which define the production, storage of sample sizes and requirements for the respective testing machines.

In addition, the determination of the modulus of elasticity, can be determined automatically with our testing machines usingan  appropriate extension sensor and additional software.

For standard quality control of concrete, Toni Technik offers both single-purpose testing machines (ToniCon; ToniPact) and differentiated system solutions from our ToniNORM series, which are put together individually according to the respective customer requirements.

The frequently used standards according to EN 12390 or according to ASTM C 39 and C 78.


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