Compression Test Plant ToniCON

Fully automatic test plant in compact design for standard-compliant compressive strength tests on building materials, preferably for efficient routine tests and quality control on:

  • Concrete cylinders 4 inch / 6 inch according to ASTM C 39
  • Concrete cubes 100 mm / 150 mm edge length according to EN 12390-3


Key benefits for the user:

  • Delivery as a ready-to-use, space-saving compact unit: “Set up, connect, test”.
  • The high-precision manufactured spherical calotte is form-fit and backlash-free, finely tuned to the spherical shell and enables very precise force transmission
  • Connection possibility for scales, caliper, barcode reader and printer for automatic printout of raw data
  • Servo-hydraulic control in a closed control loop
  • Operation and evaluation via PC using testXpert III
    testing software
  • US-units selectable (lbs, psi, inch,…)


  • Accuracy: Quality Class 1 / EN ISO 7500-1 /ASTM E 4 / EN 12390-4
  • Sizes: 2000 kN (450 000 lbf)


Operating Principle

Our compact and robust four-column load frame, meticulously designed for exceptional torsion resistance. This load frame incorporates backlash-free braced columns, ensuring unparalleled stability during testing. Equipped with a bottom-mounted plunger drive featuring a hardened piston, stroke indicator, protective cover, and limit switch for precise stroke limitation. The load frame’s piston and cylinder are finely ground, guaranteeing smooth and reliable operation. The hardened pressure plates with centering markings provide versatility for various testing needs, and the tiltable upper pressure plate allows for fine adjustments up to 3°. The control column houses all hydraulic components, including the pressure oil unit and servo valve, providing a centralized and efficient setup. The load frame is complemented by the ToniTROL II digital measuring and control system, facilitating seamless test preparation, execution, monitoring, and evaluation. The intuitive testXpert III software enables convenient test analysis on a connected PC. Control is achieved through a servo valve within a closed loop system, while the high-precision oil pressure transducer ensures accurate measurement of the test load.

Additional information

Max. test load

450.000 lbf
2.000 kN

Load measuring range

9000 … 450.000 lbf
40 … 2.000 kN

Distance between columns

Left / right: 250 mm
Front / back 250 mm

Pressure plates (standard)

163 x 35 mm
Hardness > 55 HRC

Piston stroke

40 mm

Expansion (at max. load)

0.04" at 450.000 lbf
1 mm at 2.000 kN

Working pressure

442 bar

Pump capacity

1.4 l/min.

Tank volume

6 L

Working height

Without auxiliary plate 790 mm – approx 790
With two auxiliary plates 65 mm – approx 920


Footprint: 1100 x 500 mm

Height: 1380 mm

Electric supply (PE without N)

Voltage: 3 x 400 V

Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz

Power: 1.5 kW


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