ACMEL Labo – Company Closing

We regret to inform you that company ACMEL Labo is closing forever.
Our thank to our customers for years of highly cooperative work and good relationship.

Toni Technik is overtaking all …

ACMEL Labo – Company Closing2023-12-07T15:10:40+02:00


testing machine at AGC INTERPANE

With the company AGC INTERPANE Safety Glass we have designed a testing machine according to your needs already in 2003 and derived …

AGC INTERPANE Safety Glass2023-11-28T18:58:10+02:00

Application Information – Aluminium extrusion industry

Extruded aluminum is suitable in many industries such as automotive, construction, transportation, electronics, renewable energy and many more due to its following properties:

Toni Technik Aluminium – Material testing machine (MTM)

Application Information – Aluminium extrusion industry2023-11-28T19:01:32+02:00

10th Concrete Conference in Leipzig

On two days of lectures, the latest developments in concrete construction were presented at the 10th Concrete Conference in Leipzig. The Technical University of Dresden, the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) and …

10th Concrete Conference in Leipzig2023-11-24T16:17:14+02:00

Application in the metal industry

ToniPERM II in Steel Industry

The pelletizing stage of steel making requires the fineness value, measured in cm2/g, that affects the balling …

Application in the metal industry2023-11-24T16:14:36+02:00

testXpo 2021

From October 11 to 15, we again had the opportunity to participate in testXpo 2021. Representatives and customers from different parts of the world came to our booth to personally learn about the …

testXpo 20212021-10-19T15:19:10+02:00


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