From October 11 to 15, we again had the opportunity to participate in testXpo 2021. Representatives and customers from different parts of the world came to our booth to personally learn about the latest developments at Toni Technik. Spain, Argentina, Algeria, Czech Republic, India and other countries were the participants with whom we could share our latest results.

We had the opportunity to present to our visitors some of the latest developments we have made at Toni Technik. Thus, in addition to our general focus on building materials and their quality testing, we have expanded our spectrum and our focus industries. These are some of the examples:

– Steel manufacturers around the globe – ToniPERM and steel powder pressing.

– Entry into the pharmaceutical industry with ToniPERM – first customer in France

– Aluminum compressibility testing also in the automotive industry

– New development for the 3D concrete printing industry – first customer in Germany

We have sold more than 75 Toni PERM units in the metal industry worldwide, with a great acceptance in the Asian region among multinational steel manufacturers, especially in India.

The trade fair is over and we say goodbye to beautiful Ulm, the headquarters of ZwickRoell. Toni Technik sends you its warmest regards and hopes to see you again next year at testXpo 2022