We have already reported in the previous newsletter about our move into our new office and production facility back in 2020. Even though the decision of our move driven by the expiring rental contract at our old place, it lays perfectly the foundation for some measures defined in our WIN 2025 strategy: following the need to communicate with partners and customer more virtually. We see more often these opportunities while using these new media platform. We had already planned for 2021 to participate in more virtual conferences than traditional fairs. Due to the ongoing pandemic, traditional events like the IEEE PCA conference  (largest annual conference in north America) are becoming now virtual as well.

As of today, Toni Technik will be virtually present in various conference in average once per month. However, being reach- and recognizable for the final customer on such events is important, the strength of Toni Technik is its global presence through a network of local partners. This enables us to better understand the local needs of our customers. Purchasing a machine might be an easy decision for a customer, however when it comes to have reliable test results for several decades, a proper machines-service by highly skilled and specialized staff is necessary. Therefore, Toni Technik has always been proud to welcome technicians from all over the world in our facilities. This year we will hold the first virtual sales and service seminar from 19.-23.04. to keep everybody up to date on our latest developments. The seminar is open to all partners, please contact [email protected] to learn more about it.

WIN 2025: Toni Technik strategy future