After more than 30 years, the original ToniPOR is back in our product portfolio. ToniPOR, where “POR” stands for porosity, is now available to our valued global customers.

Following a strategy of developing our products primarily for the cement industry, ToniPOR was replaced in the 1990s by a model developed and produced outside of Toni Technik. Nevertheless, research in recent months has shown the possibility of significantly improving the durability of ToniPOR.
Dr. Bodo Richter, managing director of Toni Technik explains, ‘Toni Technik is known for its high-quality products, which very often last for several decades. This is what our customers expect from us and what we want to deliver! Therefore, bringing back the solidly engineered ToniPOR to our portfolio was the next step in our product strategy.” Syam Murali, product manager for the ToniPOR, explains, ‘In response to numerous inquiries and requests from various customers, we are bringing the product back even better and stronger: robustness combined with a low number of wear parts was our main focus in improving the original design.”

The ToniPOR is made of cast aluminum, designed and installed according to the latest technology. It operates on the principle of Boyle-Mariott’s law. The device measures the air content (in %) of the mortar as well as the concrete using a pressure equalization method. Operation is very quick and simple, with the air content in percent displayed directly in the pressure gauge. It is also easy to clean and maintain.  Syam Murali, who has worked in the concrete industry for several years, says, “The air content of a concrete mix has a significant effect on several parameters, including the flowability of the fresh concrete and the strength and thermal insulation of the hardened concrete. Although higher air contents result in a reduction in strength, special air-entraining admixtures are often used to improve the workability of the mortar/concrete mix and increase durability against freeze-thaw cycles by creating air voids.

ToniPOR is absolutely suitable for the determination of air content with frequent tests in fresh samples to keep the air content at a constant level, according to the optimum level for which the mix is designed. The correct measurement of air content in fresh mixes is very important and crucial for quality control, leading to an improvement of the mixture of air and mortar/concrete in the total mix volume.

ToniPOR is available in two models:

– 1-liter air void meter for fresh mortar in compliance with current and relevant standards: DIN EN 459-2, EN 413-2, EN 1015-7, DIN 18555 T.2 and ASTM C 185.

– 8-liter air entrainment meter for fresh concrete in accordance with current and relevant standards: BS 1881, ASTM C231, EN 12350-7 and DIN 1048.