ToniPACT II in the field of AcademiaToniPact is a compression test plant in compact design for economic routine tests on building materials, preferably for the efficient quality control of concrete specimens according to different standards.

La Universidad Nacional de Ingenería (UNI) in Lima/ Peru bought this type of machine from Toni Technik with a capacity of 3000 kN  in 2011. It is installed  with the software testXpert which allows to run the machine from the PC and to grant efficient data storage and evaluation of the test resuits.

The mostly used sample size is a 6” cylinder according to ASTM standard.

The National University of Engineering is a public engineering and science university located in the Rímac District of Lima, Peru.

The machine is located in the Laboratorio de Endayos de Materiales (LEM).

This lab is already 60 years old and was equipped in the 50’s from the former Swiss company Amsler. Nowadays ZwickRoell and Toni Technik have provided the most important machines.

UNI is the oldest University of engineering in Peru and provides beside lessons for the students also services to the main contractors and construction companies in Lima.

TestXpo – International Forum for Materials Testing will take place October 15 – 18, 2018, at ZwickRoell headquarters in Ulm