TonINFO #2 - New home in Berlin, Germany - 10% Discount - Latest development of our Air Permeability Tester - Test compression machine

Dear Sir or Madam,

In this newsletter we are pleased to inform you that as of September we have a new location in Berlin, Germany. We are sure that we will be much more comfortable and at the same time we have the opportunity to support all our customers worldwide in a more efficient way. We have designed an Xperience Center where we will facilitate several of our services through webinars creating a more direct assistance to any of your concerns. Demonstrations of various test applications will also be available online and in person.

Due to our move, we are offering a special 10% discount for our bestsellers.

In addition, we explain the latest developments with our air permeability tester and their benefits.

Finally, you will find the story one of our latest projects in the field of metal industry with a Toni Technik compression test machine.

Best wishes from Berlin and above all good health!
The Toni Technik Online Team


In this issue

  • Toni Technik has a new home in Berlin, Germany
  • Help us to move to our new location
  • Latest development of our Air Permeability Tester: ToniPERM
  • Compression test machine for metal samples with a max load of 2000 kN

Toni Technik has a new home in Berlin, Germany

We have decided to move into a new building located close to the new Berlin airport (BER). This relocation will allow us to set up a more efficient production, to improve our IT-infrastructure and to offer you more and modern virtual services.

Join ToniTechnik  in the new Xperience Center Berlin.

Within the over 1600m² of the new building will be our brand-new ‘Xperience Center‘. This center will be designed and established in close cooperation with our mother company ZwickRoell and will display several testing machines and instruments in a showroom-like atmosphere. All these machines will be prepared and ready to run any kind of test applications. The ‘Xperience Center’ will be open for you, our dear customers and partners not only for on-site visits, but also virtually. So if you want to see, how e.g. a ToniSET looks like in operation or want to talk with an expert, we will be ready to demonstrate on-site or online.
Are you interested to test a sample before making an investment decision? Do you want to join the test but avoid travel cost? No problem, our ‘Xperience Center’ will feature the whole well-known Toni Technik range of products so we are ready to help. Furthermore, the Berlin ‘Xperience Center’ will be virtually globally connected to other ‘Xperience Centers’ at different ZwickRoell locations. This will help us not only to extend the demonstrated product range but enable us to bring you contact with experts on testing of any kind of material all around the world.
We will use the ‘Xperience Center’ also for future Webinars. Equipped with modern video-equipment we will broadcast topics related to modern material testing with our products, train your staff on first-hand troubleshooting and keep you updated on the latest trends in relevant standards. Please do not hesitate to contact our marketing leader Alejandro Montoya ([email protected]) if you want us to address a topic of interest or even to arrange for a tailor made training designed and broadcasted just for you and your team addressing your specific needs.
One of our very first Webinars transmitted from the new office will be within the Virtual Global CemQC Seminar on quality control for cement and lime - 6 October 2020. You can join by registering at
The official opening of the ‘Xperience-Center’ will be in October 2020.

We remain at your service, even whilst moving our company.

Already in the coming 2 weeks heavy traffic is expected in Berlin city, as we will move out of our existing facility down to the new location. Even so, we do not expect serious problems, you might have difficulties to reach ToniTechnik in meantime. If this is the problem, please feel free to contact the GM Henning Weber by mail or phone ([email protected] / +49-172-8638923) in any very urgent cases. We will find for you the right solution!

Meet ToniTechnik as of September 7th.

Business should be as usual again as of September 7th, our sales, service and production teams will be moved into the new building. Of course, contacting by phone or Email remains the same. However, for any mail correspondence, please note our new address:
ToniTechnik Baustoffprüfsysteme GmbH
Alexander-Meissner-Straße 12-14
12526 Berlin
We hope to see you soon there, virtually or on-site! You are more than welcome!

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Help us to move to our new location

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Latest development of our Air Permeability Tester: ToniPERM

Over the years, Toni Technik air permeability testers have established themselves as the reference method for determining the specific surface area of powdered materials in the cement industry and other sectors worldwide.
Due to a continuous development of our products we would like to present you our latest model ToniPERM II:

The air permeability tester ToniPERM II is specially designed for continuous monitoring in the production control of grinding fineness. The measuring method serves as a practice-oriented alternative to the standard methods according to EN 196 Part 6 and ASTM C204, as the measuring cell has a larger volume than specified in the standards mentioned. However, the larger volume of the measuring cell allows larger sample quantities and thus more representative measurement results, as well as the use of somewhat coarser sample material such as metal powder or plastic granules.

Improvements and advantages over the previous model:
  • 2 measuring cells in the standard scope of delivery for sample weights of approx. 100 g, for a higher test frequency and minimisation of the result scattering widths
  • Robust and compact housing for pragmatic laboratory operation
  • Touch screen control with colour display for easy and clear operation with optional display of all desired test parameters and results and release options even for untrained personnel
  • Data export either via USB stick or via the data transfer software ToniLINK to a PC or to an existing LIMS

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Compression test machine for metal samples with a max load of 2000 kN

Toni Technik has delivered in June 2020 a compression test machine for metal samples with a max load of 2000 kN to Italy within a project of Danieli for ABS Acciairie Bertoli Safau.
In order to observe special metal characteristics within the production process there were defined requirements as using very small samples to be tested under different temperature and speed.
Based on long-year experience also beside our classical field of building materials and in close cooperation with our representative Zwick Roell Italy we have developed, produced and tested this customer designed machine in our plant in Berlin.

The challenge was to realize compression tests on metal samples with diameter between (5.5 to 25) mm,  a height of 1.5x d up to a temperature of 900 °C and a speed between (7 to 375) mm/min
This could be realized by using a hydraulic operated test frame together with special Compression device designed according to ASTM E 9 including compression plates made of Tungsten Carbide which can resist the high temperature and forces on a very small surface.

 Due to the fact of a deformation controlled test with a requested  test speed as a.m. mentioned, it contains a special Power unit with a pump capacity of 30l/ min and a tank with a capacity of 120 l.

Digital control ToniTrol II combined with latest software version testXpert III allows to run the machine from the PC and to grant efficient data storage and evaluation of the test results.

Danieli is an Italian company that is one of the world's leading suppliers of plant construction for the metallurgical industry with more than 9.000 employees world-wide. The final customer ABS belongs to the Danieli Group and has a long-term experience in steelmaking. It was founded in 1988 as a merger of Officine Bertoli (est,1813 ) and Safau (est.1934) 

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