Toni Technik has launched WIN25, our corporate 5 year strategy aiming to consolidate and to sustainably strengthen our position as the premium market leader for building material testing equipment and services.

“It is clear, that there is a story behind the measurement value coming out of our testing equipment rather than being only a measured quality figure. Getting insight into these hidden link will help the team, to provide better service, understand the customer better and develop new exciting premium solutions for him!” explains Dr. Bodo Richter, the managing director of Toni Technik, the focus of the strategy.

To get closer to and understand better the needs and challenges of our customers the Toni Technik service technicians, who are in permanent contact with our customers are continuously trained, focusing on understanding the daily test applications of our customers in order to learn about critical building material properties behind the measured parameters and their impact not only on specific quality parameters but also on the cement production processes.

Our managing director Dr. Bodo Richter shared his long time experiences in the cement industry with the Toni Technik service team and explained and discussed today the influence of the accuracy of a free lime measurement on kiln production and or how an automated Blaine measurement allows the quality responsible to reduce the fineness target in finish milling without compromising quality but improving mill output and reduce specific energy consumption.