Mortar Mixer ToniMIX Expert – Model 6225

Standard-compliant operation according to EN 196-1, EN 196-3, EN 480-1, ASTM C 305, ASTM C 359, ASTM C 451, ISO 679 and according to own specifications.

Automatic mixing of cement, mortar, gypsum and other materials including automated feed of sand and water


Key benefits for the user:

  • High standard of work safety, user-friendliness and conformity to norms as with ToniMIX Standard.
  • Convenient programming of own customer-specific mixing processes, also according to local standards
  • Infinite adjustable of stirring rate and water dosing for individual standards and building materials, e.g. lightweight construction materials
  • Equipped with an automatic sand feeding system
  • LED illuminated, visible mixing chamber
  • Connection for a dust extraction device included as standard


Operating Principle

After selecting and starting the mixing program via the display, the automatic program controls the entire mixing process including the feed of sand and water. During the mixing process, the current action, its dura- tion, the current stirring speed, the total time and the subsequent action are shown on the display.

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Additional information


Footprint / Height 500 x 700 / 800 mm

Power consumption

0,4 kW

Electrical supply (single-phase)

110 / 230 V 50 – 60 Hz

Weight gross/net

110/89 kg

Packaging dimensions l x w x h

600 x 800 x 900 mm

Maximum mixing weight

4 kg approx

Dosing quantity (destilled water)

min. 50 ml / max. 500 ml (± 1 ml)

Filling volume of the water reservoir

12 l

Revolution speed of the planetary drive

Variably adjustable (min. 50 rpm, max. 200 rpm)


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