Manual Air Permeability Tester according to Blaine – Model 7201

Manual air permeability tester according to Blaine for the determination of the specific surface (grinding fineness / Blaine value) of cement and other powdered materials in accordance with EN 196 and ASTM C 204.



Lacquered steel sheet stand with mounted U-tube manometer. The manometer is equipped with a conical seat for the measuring cell and level marks for the manometer fluid. The measuring cell is made of stainless steel and fits exactly to the conical seat of the U-tube manometer. Behind the manometer a mirror is mounted to avoid reading errors. To record the ambient temperature a thermometer is installed on the instrument.


Operating Principle

The powder to be tested is filled into the cylinder of the measuring cell and compressed by a stamp up to a specified volume. The cell is inserted into the conical seat of the manometer with opened valve. Using the suction ball, the manometer fluid is pumped to a specific level. Now the valve will be closed and the cycle time of the manometer fluid between the level marks is measured by a stop watch.

The evaluation of the tests is exactly described in the above mentioned standards.



Additional information

Volume of the measuring cell

1.7 approx. cm³

Diameter of the measuring cell

12,7 mm

Dimensions of the instrument

Width = 150 mm
Depth = 200 mm
Height = 500 mm

Weight gross / net

6/2 kg approx

Shipping volume

0,1 m³ approx.


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