Toni Technik is pleased to welcome Dr. Bodo Richter who will continue the foundation through our 150 years in the market and strengthen the structure to further develope Toni Technik as a leader in the building materials testing equipment industry.

For more than a month now, the highly motivated team has been implementing this process with our new Managing Director and anchoring it in our corporate culture.

Let’s get to know Dr. Bodo Richter a bit better with this interview:

  • Hello Mr. Richter, your studies of chemistry and your further activities in science have certainly aroused your interest in the cement and building materials testing industry. Your vast experience as a managing director as well as a production manager will certainly have an important influence in this new role. Can you tell us something about your expectations at Toni Technik?
    • My chemistry studies have given me some insights into the building materials industry. My professional orientation in recent years shows many parallels and I am convinced that I can contribute important ideas to Toni Technik and its products, especially in the areas of digitalization, cross-linking and automation.
  • What was your motivation to join Toni Technik?
    • I really enjoy working in companies where I can lead and at the same time have personal contact with employees, customers, and partners. That makes my job even more enjoyable. The size and nature of the projects carried out at Toni Technik create a perfect atmosphere for me. I am also fascinated by technically sophisticated products, which I would like to develop further for the benefit of our customers. I see a lot of parallels with my previous career paths, which allow me to think outside the box and take on other perspectives.
  • Now let’s talk about our strategy for the next 5 years. Can you please tell us some of your highlights?
    • For me, the very clear focus is on our customers and service. Toni Technik is known for the quality and durability of its machines, and we want to expand this position further together. This can only succeed if we understand the requirements of our customers and are able to offer them the right solutions. Furthermore, the customer relationship does not end with the delivery, we are known for our excellent service. It is important to consolidate and develop this position.