We delivered our first finished unit of ToniFORCE to Technical university of Berlin which is designed for the material testing of 3D concrete printing material.

Ms. Ursula Pott, the scientific researcher at the Department of building materials and construction chemistry , Technical university of Berlin is receiving the first unit at their laboratory premises from the product management team of Toni Technik. We have been collaborating with TU Berlin since last year for developing a unit for the Slow Penetration Sphere Test exclusively for the testing of 3D printing concrete. We thank Dr. Dietmar Stephan and Ms. Ursula Pott for this important study conducted with our prototype contributing a very informative research paper which will be useful and serve as a reference for all the research and development professionals in 3D concrete printing industry.

Penetration test as a fast method to determine yield stress and structural build-up for 3D printing of cementitious materials – ScienceDirect

We are so glad to be a part of this collaboration with TU Berlin as well as developing an equipment for the 3D concrete printing industry which is considered as the future of construction due to substantial reduction of carbon footprint, flexibility and freedom of geometry and quick and economical construction methodology.

ToniFORCE is an exclusive development by Toni Technik to measure the rheological properties of 3D concrete printing material which helps the manufactures to define the speed of the printing process.

ToniFORCE is officially now in our product portfolio for our well valued customers across the globe.  We could manage to raise the interest of many multinational players in building materials sector and universities conducting R&D activities in the field of 3D concrete printing which was the result of impactful marketing and product promotion which we carried out for the last couple of months. We look forward to your enquiries and questions regarding the product and its features.

We also want to share with you this 3D project carried out in Germany:

A house from the 3D printer? In Germany, the first homes are being built that are printed layer by layer from concrete. The makers of the single-family house from Beckum in Westphalia want to revolutionise the construction industry.


Source: Tagesschau