Automatic Vicat Needle ToniSET Expert – Model 7312

The ToniSET Expert is a PC-controlled needle instrument according to Vicat and is designed for the standard-compliant determination of the setting characteristics of cement, gypsum and mortar according to:

EN 196-3, EN 13279-2, EN 480-2, ASTM C191, ASTM C472 and ASTM C807


Key benefits for the user:

  • User-friendly, self-explaining testing software
  • Precise, standard-compliant positioning of the needle on the specimen surface
  • High-precision, electronic measurement of the penetration depth due to incremental measuring system (resolution 0.05 mm)
  • Low maintenance expenditure and high durability due to solid and high-quality design
  • Quick measurement mode with deactivatable cleaning function


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Operating Principle

The ToniSET Expert is operated by an external PC system (WINDOWS®) using the software VicatDB. Tests are prepared, controlled and evaluated by this software. After the onetime definition of the test parameters tests can be started directly after the input of an identification and the preparation of the specimen. Subsequently the instrument performs the test fully automatic and stores the measured values in a data base. During the test procedure all measured values as well as the actual setting progress can be read out at any time.

A selectable quick measurement mode allows shortest penetration sequences if required.

After the end of the test the evaluation can be done either automatically by the software or manually by the operator.

Additional information


110 V / 230 V


50-60 Hz


0.5 kW


Width = 1500 mm Depth = 775 mm Height = 675 mm


Gross = 190 kg Net = 170 kg


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