Our servo-hydraulic testing machines can be used in many areas where the compressive or flexural strength of different materials such as glass, wood and plastics is to be determined.

As a rule, individual solutions are developed in cooperation with the customer. Our flexibly combinable modular system makes it possible to adapt our systems to individual and special applications in order to meet customer-specific requirements.

The tests can be carried out both force-controlled and path-controlled.

  • Load frame in table-design for compressive strength tests on building materials of all kind, preferably for the quality control and efficient routine tests.   Accuracy: Quality Class 1 / DIN 51220 / EN ISO 7500-1 Sizes:          200 kN / 300 kN / 400 kN / 600 kN / 1000 kN
  • Multi-purpose load frame for standard-compliant flexural strength tests on plates, bars, standard stones, roofing tiles and further building materials and components. Accuracy:     Quality Class 1 / EN ISO 7500-1 / DIN 51220 Sizes:              10 kN / 20 kN / 50 kN
  • Load frame for standard-compliant testing of the flexural strength of gypsum plates, plates made of fiber materials, concrete bars, concrete stone products (curb stones, paving stones), building material specimens and whole components, e.g. according to EN 12390-5. Accuracy: Quality Class 1 / EN ISO 7500-1 / DIN 51220 Sizes: 10 kN / 20 kN / 100 kN / 200 kN / 300 kN
  • The testing software for all occasions, from production to research testXpert® III represents the new generation of materials testing software, developed on the latest Microsoft Windows platform and using state of the art software technology. TestXpert III is simple and flexible, user-friendly and powerful, accurate and cost-effective, intelligent and reliable. testXpert® III provides you with a standard testing platform for all applications and equipment. This uniform, integrated operating concept for testing machines and instruments reduces the training required for different testing machines to a minimum and gives you access to the entire unique testXpert® III product range for all your testing machines.   Advantages of testXpert® III ✓ Informative icons ✓ Over 20.000 installations worldwide ✓ The same interface for every application ✓ Intuitive operation with clear structuring ✓ Clear, simple setup, with many optional features ✓ More than 30 software developers working full-time on new functions ✓ Service partners catering for your on-the-spot needs in over 50 countries ✓ Rest assured: you are in expert hands!
  • ToniNORM is an expandable modular system for the automatic, computer-controlled testing from 10 kN to 10.000 kN that can be individually put together according to the customer requirements. Up to four load frames of the machine series ToniNORM can be individually combined and can be operated with only one Powerbox (hydraulic power unit) and a single ToniTROL (controller). Thereby each load frame can be optimally adapted to the respective test requirements. To determine the requested strength Toni Technik provides intelligent test solutions:
    • Determination of compressive strength in accordance with DIN EN 993-5 and DIN EN ISO 8895
    • Determination of flexural strength according to DIN EN 993-6, DIN EN 843-1, ASTM C1161, DIN EN 658-3 and DIN EN 843-2
    • Determination of modulus of elasticity according to EN 843-2
  • Digital measurement and control system for the functions measuring, controlling and monitoring of building material testing machines. The ToniTROL II is the further development of our tried and tested ToniTROL and provides therefore all functions that are proven in building material testing for decades. Due to the combination of the latest technical components and various software modules the ToniTROL II is state-of-the-art and provides a lot of new features and functions.   Key benefits for the user:
    • control up to four load frames
    • simple data transmission to existing LIMS
    • can be expanded at any time for additional applications
    • connection of external peripheral devices to increase test automation
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