Ebert d.o.o. acts as our representative in south east europe, that means Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.
It is a family-run business in which already the second generation of the Ebert family has been involved. The company has five employees and offers sales and aftersales support. Company headquarters are in Ljubljana/ Slovenia where offices are on ZAG and Igmat institutes. Ebert further runs a local sales and service center based in Belgrade/ Serbia.

After several common projects in the past, we have strengthened our cooperation in 2016, whereas cooperation between Ebert and Zwick Roell dates already back to 1973 and has grown into a solid partnership over the decades.

During the last five years we have collaborated on the following events:

  • Visit of the International Building Fair in Belgrad 2016
  • Aattending the CoMS conference in Zadar-Croatia in 2017
  • Attending RILEM conference in Rovinj-Croatia in 2018
  • Regular annual visits of the clients in the region

Together we could realize following major projects:

  • ToniPRAX for TKK Srpenica in 2016. TKK is a major producer of chemical admixtures for concrete and mortar in Adriatic area.
  • A special bending machine in 2017 for testing ESAL corrugated sheets to company Eternit from Slovenia.
  • ToniZEM for testing Ytong products in company Xella Serbia in 2018 as well as  to Xella Porobeton company in Slovenia.
  • ToniMix Visco Expert to Cement plant Salonit Anhovo/ Slovenia in 2018.
  • ToniPrax and ToniPerm Standard to ZAG institute in Slovenia, Laboratory for Stone, Aggregates and Recycled Materials in 2020.  They are involved in several international projects dealing with recycling of waste in building composites.
  • ToniMix Standard to Cement Factory „Usje“ as the major cement producer in Macedonia