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June 2020

Dear Sir or Madam,

This year has certainly been an unprecedented challenge for everybody worldwide and this is no exception for Toni Technik. The crisis unleashed by the pandemic hitting our planet has triggered effects that are impacting our business: limited availability of specific components from suppliers, restrictive investment policies on the customers’ side, difficulties in logistics for both inbound and outbound materials and also travel limitations, among others. Even so travel sanctions start to be lifted step by step, this new business environment encourage us to experience and develop new ways of collaboration and support for our customers. That’s why; today we are delighted to share with you our first newsletter.
Next week we will be running our first webinar. From the facilities of Toni Technik in Berlin, Germany as well as from the laboratories of Cemex Rüdersdorf cement plant, we will explore the world of our machines in detail and demonstrate the maximum benefit our equipment can offer with the help of our engineering team.
All this and much more you will find in our first newsletter.


Interview with the new Managing Director of Toni Technik: Henning Weber

Hello Mr. Weber and thank you for answering these quick questions we have prepared for you 

Let's start: We know that you are an experienced engineer who has worked in several companies with a focus on cement. Could you tell us more about your previous experiences in this field? 

I have been working in the construction materials industry since almost 25 years. I started as a process engineer optimizing the cement plant equipment, followed by being part of various project teams for the construction and modernization of new and existing plants. Later, I had several times the responsibility as plant manager and managing director for cement plants at various locations and finally supported the European plants at CEMEX in developing opportunities to reduce the CO2 output. 

Good! We'd like to know now your motivation to change to Toni Technik. How did you prepare for this  transition? What was your driver that made you make this decision? 

Until last year I knew about Toni Technik only as one of various suppliers for equipment used in the construction industry. However, during my studies I had to make some physical tests of building materials with a Toni Technik machine. Now after 25 years working in cement plants all around the world and having another 15 years to go, it was time for me to make the next step. At the same time, I was looking for a new personal challenge. Today, rather than purchasing and using material testing equipment, I have the role to innovate, develop and of course finally to sell. That is a challenge, which I really appreciate. 

Would you like to share with us how the last six months have been for you working for Toni Technik? We would also like to know what is coming to fulfill the expectations of our customers.  

I’m proud to be part of this great team. We can build on many existing good ideas and further develop them into products, which underline our ambition to be the premium supplier for testing equipment to the construction industry. Health and safety must be an undisputable feature of Toni Technik equipment. There are already various options. Nevertheless, H&S is for me always worth to go the extra mile and create solutions to protect our customers. ‚Industry 4.0‘ features so many opportunities, which will improve the reliability of test results, allow better planning of service and calibration routines, reduce the manual work load of lab staff and finally will help the customer, to reduce overall cost and improve the quality of their products. 

Thank you Mr. Weber! And welcome to the Toni Technik Team.

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Webinar day 1 - Consistent & reliable test results for cement and concrete - Webinar

Quality strategies for consistent and reliable test results for cement and concrete discussed at CEMEX Rüdersdorf laboratory in Germany.

We will virtually review and discuss the standard sample preparation and test applications for cement demonstrated for us by the CEMEX Rüdersdorf Cement Plånt in Germany. Benefits of automated state-of-the- art test solutions as well as opportunities in sample preparation in compliance with ASTM and EN will be provided. In the end the attendees will have an updated and exclusive insight of unused testing potentials in his lab which can increase the productivity and reduce time and costs.

Date: Tuesday, 30. June 2020
Time: ​(Singapore Time) 19:00 - 20:00 SGT  - (Central European Summer Time)  3:00 - 14:00 CEST 
Presented by:  Mr. Christoph Klatt, Mr. Bernd Muschner and Mr. Navin Beckmann
In co-operation with CEMEX Rüdersdorf plant: Mr. Michael Dittmann and Mr. Stefan Schmorleiz

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Webinar day 2 - Quality strategies for consistent and reliable test results for cement and concrete discussed at CEMEX Rüdersdorf laboratory in Germany. - Webinar

Find out how an automated Vicat test system will improve the testing capacity by quantity and quality in your lab. We will discuss why CEMEX Rüdersdorf decided on a revamped automated Vicat unit instead of buying a complete new one. Possibilities to export sample data out of every Toni Technik machine as well as a sneak into the latest developments from us will additionally provide advanced knowledge about the latest trends in this industry.

Date: Wednesday, 1. July 2020
Time: 19:00 - 20:00 SGT (Singapore Time) - 13:00 - 14:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)
Presented by Toni Technik: Mr. Clemens Hoberg, Mr. Yuequin Ying and Mr. Josef Pater
In co-operation with CEMEX Rüdersdorf plant: Mr. Michael Dittmann 

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New Toni Technik Website

We are delighted to share with our Toni Technik family our new website . Earlier this year, we decided to create a new online presentation. We completely changed the structure of our website in order to provide a better visiting experience. 
We now open the door to a more dynamic and user friendly interface in the internet. With our profile on LinkedIn and our YouTube channel we want to continue providing everyone with an even more pleasant communication.

We hope you will enjoy it. Any comment or improvement proposal can be submitted this link 

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How Toni Technik reacts to the spread of the Corona virus

Every day news about the spread of the coronavirus becomes known – you too are probably wondering how other companies are reacting to this.
With the ban on contact, which was decided by the Federal Government together with the Minister Presidents of the Länder, public life in Germany is being severely restricted. Even though the travel of our employees to and from work is excluded from the agreed measures, we are trying to prevent the risk of the virus spreading within the company as best we can. By offering home workstations, the presence of local employees the risk is automatically reduced. At the same time, this enables our employees to combine family care with work. By temporarily reorganizing working hours, we are further limiting the risk of contact between employees. Distance rules and intensified hygiene measures are taken for granted today and are becoming a habit.
With all due caution, we want to and must ensure that the wheels in our production do not come to a standstill. Our employees are constantly checking our supply chains in order to be able to identify any potential supply bottlenecks. The situation is critical in individual cases, but so far, close cooperation with our partners has enabled us to find individual solutions. Therefore we are still in a position to supply our customers with our  premium testing machines from our company and to advise them professionally.
Your corresponding contacts in the company (field service, service, hotline, …) are available without restrictions and are at your disposal as usual.
We would like to assure you that we, Toni Technik Building Material Testing Systems, pay the highest attention to this situation and all our efforts are directed towards the smoothest possible cooperation with our customers and partners on site in order to keep the effects of the Coronavirus as low as possible.
With kind regards
Toni Technik Baustoffprüfsysteme GmbH

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Order from China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co

Toni Technik has recently received an order for a vibrating table to be adapted to the local triple molds  from our customer China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd.

China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., a highly esteemed company engaged in the inspection and testing of building materials, building decoration and construction engineering. The  company also offers building materials tests and certifications for strength and performance for safety and serves customers throughout China.

We are very pleased to serve this company with our premium products now and in future.


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FAQ 1 - ToniMIX 6224 - Deactivate the automatic water dosing

I have a new automatic mortar mixer ToniMIX model 6224 and would like to manually add water. 
Is it possible to deactivate the automatic water dosing via software? 

Yes, it is possible to deactivate the automatic water dosing by the following steps: 


Step by step by clicking here

FAQ 2 - ToniMIX 6224 - Set- up after switching on the mixer

I basically only use the mortar mixing program following the EN 196-1 sample preparation standard. 
Is it possible to start this program directly after switching on the mixer? 

Yes, you can set this program as default menu:

Step by step by clicking here