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Modern construction materials consist of various raw materials, including natural and man-made minerals, plastics, wood or metals, and are available in an extremely wide range of product forms: powder, bulk materials, films and foils, boards, bricks and moldings, or prefabricated components such as wall panels, beams, stairs etc. They are used to produce foundations, walls and ceilings, to protect and visually enhance surfaces, for sealing joints and faces or for thermal insulation. They are employed in buildings of widely disparate size and function and for infrastructure such as roads, bridges and dams.

The different properties of construction materials and the specimens, components and structures produced from them call for testing machines with suitably matched performance profiles.

The priority, the testing machines and instruments are designed for, is cement, the basic material of the most binders. This also includes all types of mortar (gypsum mortar, lime mortar and cement mortar) including premixed mortar, dry mortar and adhesives on a mineral or partially mineral basis.

The modulus of elasticity (Young‘s modulus), that e.g. implies the influence of mineral or synthetic fibers on the compressive and flexure strength, can be determined by our automated compression and flexure testing machines combined with the corresponding additional measuring devices.