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Intelligent Testing: Welcome to Toni Technik

Toni Technik is one of the international leading suppliers of building materials testing equipment. With accurate, innovative and reliable testing machines and an intelligent Software we deliver customized solutions for almost any test application of the modern mechanical building materials testing.

Which test application can we assist you with? We look forward to hearing from you!


How Toni Technik - Building Material Testing Systems reacts to the spread of the coronavirus

Here are the actions that Toni Technik GmbH will take during these days. We will keep you updated about any further changes we do.



Our new air permeability tester for the automatic determination of the specific surface (grinding fineness / Blaine value) offers, in addition to the long-proven properties of the previous model, a various range of new functions and features.


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See our new image brochure and learn more about Toni Technik.

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NEW - YouTube Channel

On our new YouTube Channel you will see our latest application videos about building materials testing.

YouTube: Toni Technik

ToniMIX Visco-Expert

NEW: Mixer for the preparation of specimens of cement, mortar, gypsum and other materials with fully automated mixing procedure according to EN 196-1, EN 196-3, ISO 679, ASTM C 305, ASTM C 359, ASTM C 451 or by self-defined mixing procedures. The ToniMIX Visco Expert is equipped with an automatic, adjustable water dosage, an automatic sand feeding device as well as an integrated torque sensor for the viscosity evaluation.



The new measuring and control system ToniTROL II offers the ideal preconditions for accurate and reproducable test results.



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