Modernization / Upgrades

We modernize testing machines of all manufacturers!

The choice between a new purchase and modernization depends primarily on the value and technical condition of the existing machine components. Since in addition to the load frame also other components can be further used, as for instance load cells or sample holders the cost of modernization are usually less than for a new machine or plant.

After a successful modernization you will get detailled instruction about the new technology.

All modernizations have attractive prices and can be carried out on short notice.

Substance conservation while increasing the intelligence - this is the purpose of modernization of old compression- and bending test machines with ToniTROL. By using a flexible modernization package with proven hydraulic-, electronic- and software components out of the current testing machines series ToniNORM, the existing building material machines can be build up to intelligent, multifunctional applicable and upgradeable testing systems, which meet the current testing- and safety standards.


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