Compression and Bending Test Plant ToniPRAX

Combined test plant for the standard-compliant testing of the compressive and flexural strength of cement and other binding materials, preferably for efficient routine tests of:

  • prisms 40 x 40 x 160 mm accord. to EN 196 / ISO 679
  • cubes 50 mm (2 inch)  according to ASTM C109
  • cubes 70.7 mm according to BS 1881

Accuracy:   Quality Class 1 / EN ISO 7500-1 / DIN 51220

Sizes:          Compression  300 kN / 600 kN
                     Bending         10 kN / 20 kN / 50 kN

         Key benefits for the user:

  • easy programming and operation
  • delivery as ready-to-use compact unit: "Installation, Connection, Testing"
  • machine control and result evaluation by PC using the software testXpert
  • fully automatic test plant with microprocessor and servo-hydraulic control (closed loop control)
  • load frame for flexural stregth tests convertible for compressive strength tests
  • prepared for the connection of an additional load frame, e.g. a 3000 kN compression load frame for concrete testing
  • software and printer for automatic raw data printing available
  • option for the linkage with laboratory information systems (LIMS)

For the test plant ToniPRAX are various pressure plates, a wide range of accessories and numerous extensions available.


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