Soundness (Le Chatelier)

Binding materials have to be stable in volume. Cement for instance is defined as stable in volume if according to the Le Chatelier method (EN 196-3) an extension of 10 mm is not exceeded.

Le Chatelier Water Bath ToniCHAT

Automatic water bath for the standard-compliant, controlled boiling of binding materials, e.g. of Le Chatelier moulds, to determine the soundness (volume stability). The ToniCHAT meets the entire requirements of the standard EN 196-3.


Expansion Tester for Le Chatelier Moulds

Device for the standard-compliant testing of the expansion of Le Chatelier moulds without permanent deformation (resilience) according to EN 196-3.


Le Chatelier Mould

for the determination of soundness (volume stability) of cement in accordance with EN 196-3.



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