Testing Instruments

Following you will find our range of testing instruments sorted by application fields:

Specimen Preparation

Toni Technik supplies a wide range of instruments for the specimen preparation of various building materials, like e.g. cement, mortar and gypsum. This instruments are for instance the mortar mixers of the series ToniMIX, the vibration table ToniVIB and a standard-compliant jolting table.


Grinding Fineness (Blaine)

Automatic and manual instruments for the determination of the specific surface (grinding fineness / Blaine value) of cement and other powdered materials.


Setting Time (Vicat)

Automatic and manual instruments for the standard compliant determination of the setting behaviour of cement, gypsum, mortar and other binding materials.


Soundness (Le Chatelier)

Our product range includes standard-compliant instruments and the required accessories for the determination of the soundness of binding materials, especially of cement in accordance with EN 196.


Heat of Hydration (Calorimeter)

Our product range includes various heat flow calorimeter, which are designed for determining the total evolved heat of hydration of cement, concrete and mortar.


Chemical Analysis (unslaked lime)

The automatic analyzer ToniLIME is designed for the determination of the concentration of unslaked lime in cement and cement clinker.


Water- / Wet Storage

Toni Technik offers various performance units for the standard compliant storage of building material specimens under water or at a humidity of at least 90%.


Workability (Pfefferkorn / Lehmann / Böhme)

Our product range includes different instruments for the determination of the workability of several building materials.


Abrasion (Böhme)

The abrasion wheel "Böhme" is designed for the determination of the volume loss resp. abrasive loss of a specimen by abrasion stress.



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