Viscosimeter Type Lehmann – Model 3020

Operating Principle

The viscosity tester type Lehmann is designed to determine the viscosity of glazing and clay slips. The time is measured that a defined amount of test material needs to run through a nozzle with a specific cross section into a volumetric flask. Subsequently the viscosity value can be determined comparing the time with such a slip of known consistency needs.


✓ High repeatability
✓ High accuracy
✓ Simple technique and handling
✓ Simple and quick measuring procedure (advantageous for test series and quality control)

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Measurement of the viscosity of glazing and clay slips.



The viscosimeter consists of a funnel-shaped metal vessel fixed at a support. Extrusion nozzles with different profiles can be mounted at the vessel’s mouth. At its top a bridge is placed. In the housing of this bridge the piston for locking the extrusion nozzles is guided. Opening and locking of the locking piston occurs by moving the lever. Below the extrusion nozzle a volumetric flask made of glass calibrated to 100 cm³ is placed.



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