Vibrating Table ToniVIB – Model 5533

Performance unit for the standard-compliant compaction of cement mortar and other binding materials according to EN 196, DIN 1164, ASTM C109 and other standards.


Key benefits for the user:

  • Vibration in closed loop to ensure the selected amplitude
  • Standardized 50 Hz vibration frequency, independent of the power input frequency
  • Integrated calibration via software in the protected area
  • Comfortable single button operation START/STOP


Working Principle

Prior to compaction the vibration amplitude has to be set with mounted empty mould. The vibration time is freely selectable up to 655 seconds by a digital timer. The set language, amplitude and compacting time are stored permanent.

During the compacting the actual and the set value for the vibration time as well as for the vibration amplitude are displayed.

The daily operation is done by START / STOP.

The moulds are filled during operation of the vibrating table. The amplitude alteration caused by the increasing weight of the material is compensated by the controller and held constant according to the set value. After the expiration of the selected time the compacting process stops automatically.



Additional information

Vibration frequency

50 ± 0.3 Hz

Vibration amplitude

0.05 – 1.00 mm

Display accuracy

±0.05 at 0.75 mm

Vibration time

1 – 655 sec

Power supply

Voltage = 110 / 230 V
Frequency = 48 – 63 Hz
Power consumption = 1

Dimensions of the vibrating plate

Width x Depth = 560 x 350 mm

Dimensions of the vibrating table

Width x depth x height = 600 x 775 x 1400 mm
Working height = 900 mm


Gros / Net = 185 / 155


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