Mould (Three gang design)



Preparation of prism shaped samples, 40x40x160 mm made of mortar, especially cement mortar in accordance with the standards EN 196 1, ISO 679, DIN EN 12808 4, EN 1015 11 and ASTM C 348.




  • The bars and end pieces are individually marked to ensure a perfect fit
  • The design of the base plate and surface grinding avoids deformation of the mould in the long term
  • The special steel used ensures the prescribed dimensional stability in the long term when using brass rulers
  • The mould can be supplied with or without bores for the shrinkage test


Design / Working Principle


Precision design in high quality steel.

The mould parts, consisting of head ends and separation bars, are fixed on the cast iron base plate using a clamp screw and counter bearings. High precision key seats mould in three-gang design tighten the joints between parts during compacting.

The compliance of the size tolerances to the respective standard can be certified on request



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