Le Chatelier Water Bath ToniCHAT

The Water Bath ToniCHAT allows the standard-compliant, controlled boiling of binding agent samples (i.e. Le Chatelier moulds) for the determination of the volume stability or rate of risk regarding a subsequent extension of the binding agent (cement) caused by hydration.

The ToniCHAT corresponds exactly to the requirements of the standard EN 196-3 and performs an autonomous and controlled test cycle.


Key benefits for the user:

✓ Permanent indication of target / actual temperature
✓ Temperature control with an exactitude of 0.1°C
✓ Capacity for up to 16 Le Chatelier Rings
✓ Test execution optionally under water or steam
✓ Fully automatic test cycles according to defined parameters
✓ Controlled test procedure for accurate reproducible test results
✓ Integrated drain hose for an easy and fast water change
✓ Heating up from  20°C to 100°C within 30±5 minutes
✓ Stabilization of boiling temperature for three hours


Design / Working Principle

After inserting up to 16 Le Chatelier moulds into the test basket, the basket is inserted into the filled test container with a retaining clip and the test cycle is activated. The ToniCHAT then carries out the test cycle independently until the end.



Le Chatelier Mould, model 4706
brass ring with indicator needles accord. to EN 196-3

Glass Plate 60 x 60 mm, model 4706.001
as base and cover plate for the Le Chatelier moulds

Weight 100g, model 4706.002
to weigh the glass plate

Expansion tester, model 4706.010.1
to check the expansion of the Le Chatelier moulds

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 35 × 45 × 35 cm

5 litres

Power consumption

1.5 kW


50-60 Hz


230 V


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