Free Lime Analyzer ToniLIME

The analyzer TonLIME is designed to determine the content of free, uncombined lime in cement and cement clinker.

The operating principle is based on the measurement of the electric conductivity in a solution consisting of cement and hot glycol in comparison with a stored calibration curve.

Key factors for the user:

  • Measurement result in less than 10 minutes, very short preparation time for the user
  • no operator intervention required during the test procedure
  • Connection to a PC for parameterization and evaluation of the results via the RS 232 and RS 485 interfaces is also possible
  • integrated database with all necessary test parameters and intelligent menu navigation



Design / Working Principle

The test parameters (type of cement, operator etc.) will be collected via selection list on display.

The access to the menu for calibration via a password is possible at any time. All parameters for the measurement can be variably adjusted: quantity of glycol, quantity of cement, time for dissolution and cleaning time.The glycol reservoir has room temperature. Only the quantity necessary for the measurement will be tempered. The preheated glycol (with a min. conductivity of aprox. 10µS) will automatically be filled into heated test beaker and tempered to 80°C precisely.

At the meassage ”put material“, 1.000 g sample material will be added and the homogenizing activated by a magnetic agitator over a defined mixing time (depending on fineness of powder). Subsequently, the electric conductivity measurement will automatically be performed.

A precise ”percent value of free lime“ results from the calibration curve. The test beaker is discharged in an extern collecting basin. Acoustic signal at the end of the test procedure.

Storing of the results and the corresponding parameters happens automatically after the end of the test.







Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 65 cm

230 V


50 Hz


1 kW


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