Air Permeability Tester ToniPERM II – Model 6575

The air permeability tester ToniPERM II is designed for the determination of the specific surface of powders, especially suitable for the permanent control of manufacturing characteristics in the daily laboratory work. This measuring procedure serves as practice oriented alternative for the standard procedures according to EN 196 as well as ASTM C 204.

Key benefits for the user:

  • Simple operation with reproducible results
    • Intuitive operation with touchscreen
    • Automatic volume correction
  • Automatic quadruple test of a double sample with a single operating effort
  • Robust, low-maintenance design*
  • Easy data export via LAN interface ** or USB stick

* Ask about our extended warranty terms

** ToniLINK software required


Operating Principle

Using the plunger the powder will be compacted within the permeability cell to a defined volume. After the selection of the test material from the material data base and the entry of the test-specifc parameters, the test is carried out fully automatically. Via a U-tube manometer, which is equipped with adjust- able light barriers, a negative pressure is generated by means of a solenoid valve and a diaphragm pump. This negative pressure is compensated by an amount of air fowing through the powder bed in the measuring cell. Then the ToniPERM II automatically evaluates the test, displays the result and stores the result including the test parameters in the database.


Additional information

Power supply

Voltage = ~110 / ~230
Frequency = 50-60 Hz
Power consumption = 0,1 VA 0.1

Volume of the permeability cell

74 cm³


Width = 410 mm
Depth = 420 mm
Height = 495 mm

Weight gross/net

26/24 kg


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