Corporate Partners

Zwick GmbH & Co. KG

Zwick began producing testing machines in Ulm-Einsingen, Germany, in 1938, growing over the following decades into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of materials testing machines. In 1992 the company merged with the Roell Group.


ACMEL Labo has been a member of the Zwick/Roell Group since 2002 and has developed a range of devices for testing cement and mortar.

Indentec Hardness Testing Machines Limited

Indentec is part of Zwick Roell AG, which has a majority shareholding in the company. Established in 1976 to re-design a Rockwell hardness testing machine, Indentec has sold many thousands of machines.

GTM - Gassmann Testing and Metrology GmbH

GTM is a leading manufacturer of load cells, torque transducers and multi-component transducers. The company also supplies complete measuring systems to state institutes, calibration laboratories and manufacturers of load cells and torque transducers.

Messphysik Materials Testing GmbH

Zwick Roell AG has held a 100% stake in Messphysik Materials Testing GmbH since 2006.  This innovative Austrian-based company has a long track-record of international success in optical strain measurement for materials testing.

Asmec GmbH

Mid-2011 the Zwick Roell Group, one of the world's leading suppliers of materials and component testing systems, took over the ASMEC GmbH in Radeberg by Dresden, Germany.


Toni Technik 



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