On two days of lectures, the latest developments in concrete construction were presented at the 10th Concrete Conference in Leipzig. The Technical University of Dresden, the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) and the Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTW) hosted this conference, which was accompanied by a large trade exhibition, on behalf of the Concrete Information Center.

Concrete Conference in Leipzig

The topics of carbon concrete and hybrid structures with wood composites and the new possibilities of construction using 3D printing were discussed on the first day in the Building Material Innovations session. In the field of 3D concrete printing, our ToniFORCE (fully automatic penetrometer apparatus) offers many advantages.

Here you can find the different thematic blocks that were accompanied at the concrete conference:

  • Building in climate change, Wood-concrete composite
  • 3D printing with concrete: state of the art, challenges and potentials
  • Clinker-efficient cements – important building block on the way to decarbonization of cement and concrete
  • Alkali-activated binders – an overview
  • Column reinforcement with carbon concrete
  • Performance and possible applications of R-concrete
  • The future package of DIN 1045 standards – what can the new
  • Innovations and effects of the new DIN 1045 Part 2
  • TR maintenance – practical experience with a controversial set of regulations
  • Carbon concrete in construction practice
  • Concreting structures in summer – Practical experience and suggestions for avoiding temperature-related construction stoppages
  • Durable and adaptable – Modular bridge construction with precast carbon concrete elements
  • Structural and concrete technology challenges in practice – how to solve difficult and complex construction tasks

Concrete Conference in Leipzig

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